Business. Like no one else’s business.

Project Overview

Stratton began with the developer asking, ‘what if’. What if you didn’t want your business to be the same as everyone else’s? Where would you go? What would you look for?

Project Brief

‘What’s a commercial building doing hiding between two residential towers then?” Well, we thought we’d go and take proper look at the site. It didn’t take long to notice that ‘Stratton’ was diagonally opposite the Triffid, so we stopped in for a beer and a ‘foundation catch-up’. ‘It’s the business’, I said. Mike replied in his Northern England accent, ‘but it’s not like anyone else’s business’. And there we had a jump-off point.



‘We’d better make it stand out then if its hidden away.’ I said.

Mike replied, ‘I’m thinking… Orange...’

‘Orange is good… symbolises success… creativity.’

Mike took another sip of Stone & Wood, ‘Oh, I was going for bright – you know it’ll stand out…’


Design Challenge

Commercial building brands are traditionally… blue, Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk-ish. Stratton wanted to shake that up, to be the workplace for the movers and shakers. We came up with ‘the new rules of business’: When everybody zigs… zag; Build something you believe in; Collaboration is the new economy; Employee wellbeing is business wellbeing and, Get in first and prepare to be copied. The irreverence of the headlines needed a brand identity that was maverick but masterful, that set a strong foundation for every piece of collateral that would follow.



Stratton broke all Silverstone’s records for Leasing Suite visits. 22 target tenants took personalised tours and Silverstone Developments were in final negotiations with a single tenant to take the entire building when Mater Private approached them with an offer to purchase the boutique commercial building.

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